We build safety awareness


Users identify potential hazards.
They submit a Safety Share with a description, image or video.


Safety Shares are available across your organisation. Colleagues discuss and rate Safety Share details.


Our leaderboard ranks the most recognised contributions, to encourage team participation.

Industry recognition

Demonstrate your commitment to safety awareness by benchmarking your participation stats with peers across your industry.

Review anonymised Safety Shares by industry, location, job type and severity.

Features for Success

Effortless Safety Shares

We work on the platforms you are already using. Available on the Web, Android, iPhone and Microsoft Teams, we make it easy to provide a Safety Share from in the office or out on site.

Just type a description, snap a picture or upload a video using your computer or smartphone. Safety shares become available to all employees in the organisation to search, view and like.

Search & Review

Safety Shares are available to all employees for discussion and review. Office workers can experiences the workplace hazards that are a daily risk to their colleagues out on site.

User's can choose to provide additional information in their Safety Shares, such as people involved, equipment, locations where incidents occurred, which can help users to search for things that are interesting and relevant to them.

Encourage a Safer Culture

We make it easier to find, review and discuss safety observations across your organisation. Encouraging Safety Shares helps to build a safety focused culture.

Our leaderboard recognises the highest rated Safety Shares. This can be incorporated into a Rewards program to benefit safety conscious employees.

Analysis & Monitoring

We provide self-service analytics on safety message details, platform usage, views, ratings, reward details, and safety engagement levels.

Analyse metrics on the Web, or through Excel and Power BI. We provide an API that you can use to integrate with your existing systems including SAP and other OH&S platforms.

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